CMTC SMART Service is a smart choice.

Incorporating CMTC SMART Service into a maintenance program will add improved equipment protection, optimize system operation and peace of mind. Benefits include data collection coupled with the extensive service expertise of Carrier to assess chiller and system health.

CMTC SMART Service is a dynamic, proactive strategy for enhanced equipment and system management. Through the identification and analysis of chiller and system operating trends, more informed decisions can now be made relative to meeting comfort demands, implementing service, and maintenance or repair events and improving a building’s financial performance. This unique service can be included in a Climate Masters Service Agreement plan as part of a regular preventive and predictive maintenance program. This technology is also portable and can be used on a temporary basis to troubleshoot, diagnose issues and provide analysis for service recommendations

How can CMTC SMART Service provide value to you?

It includes:

  • Service experts analyzing chiller health
  • Proactive management and budgeting of service needs
  • Early indication of equipment problems for faster resolution
  • Insight into chiller operation and trends
  • Mitigate risk of equipment issues
  • Optimize operating efficiency through analysis of key operating data

CMTC SMART Service applies to:

  • Carrier Air cooled and Water cooled chillers with Product Integrated Controls (To verify the applicability of your site and for further details please contact local service office)