Remote Smart Services

What is Remote Smart Services?

Carrier® SMART Service is an engineered solution that provides continuous data transmission, collection — and subsequent analysis — from several chillers. To accomplish this, a custom panel is placed on or near the chiller(s) where wireless technology transmits data to Carrier’s Web portal. This unique service can be included in a Carrier Service Agreement plan as part of a regular preventive and predictive maintenance program.

Benefits of Remote Smart Services

Insight into chiller operation and trends

Predictive maintenance & Life cycle: The solution provides the ability to identify issues before they become problems. This is essential to maintain the optimization of the central chiller plants and extend equipment life.

Analytical Capability: Web-based tools provides detailed real-time chiller performance parameters and historical performance data so that performance issues can be identified well in advance before equipment failure.

Alerts and notifications are sent automatically to operators to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve system faults.

Data is made visible via easy-to-read graphs and charts and analysis tools allow for the quick diagnosis of faults and energy analysis.

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