Sea Horse 90Y

Condensing Unit

R-407C, R-404A/R-507:
17.5 to 455 Nominal kW
5 to 130 Nominal Tons

10 to 288 kW
3 to 82 Nominal Tons

Seahorse Water Cooled Condensing Units set the industry standard for quality, reliability, and efficiency for marine air conditioning applications. Standard Units are available with refrigerants R-407C, R-404A/R-507 and R-134a for both fresh and seawater environments, as well as a choice of 50 or 60 Hz electrical systems.

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  • Seahorse units are assembled from only the highest quality components, including the traditionally high quality Carlyle compressors.

    Carlyle Reciprocating Compressors

    • Decades of proven reliability.
    • IEEE 45 ODP motors for open drive compressors.
    • Direct drive coupling for open drive units.
    • High operating efficiency.
    • Over sized oil sump.
    • Reversible oil pump on semi-hermetic compressors.

    Marine Duty Condensers

    • Double liquid outlets for positive seal under pitch and roll conditions.
    • Seawater condensers with bronze heads and 90/10 Cu/Ni tubes and tube sheets.
    • Shell side (refrigerant side) design pressure 350 PSI at 250° F.
    • Tube side (water side) design pressure 150 PSIG at 150° F.
    • Tested to ASME code.

    Control Box:

    • NEMA 4 (IP56) enclosure.
    • Gauge panel.
    • High pressure, low pressure, oil pressure switches.
    • Control transformer.


    Standard Seahorse units can be fitted with a multitude of options to meet your unique air conditioning requirements. Some options include:

    • Packaged chiller units
    • Filter dryers with bypass valves
    • TXV and liquid line solenoid valves for field installation
    • Packaged receiver
    • Totally enclosed motor
    • Air cooled condenser
    • Oil separator
    • Alternate refrigerants
    • Refrigeration condensing units
    • Belt drive units

    Please contact your Carrier Marine & Offshore authorized dealer for more information on option packages and custom units.






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