It comes with a HEPA H13 high grade filter and is the only air purifier to have a 6 step filtration process. With its super power hybrid structure fan it ensure powerful inhalation of pollutants at 360 degree and long distance air flow, to let you experience clean air all around at home.

It is world’s first Air Purifier that comes with 18 steps of Fan speed control.

Not only it is ALEXA enabled to listen to your commands, you can completely control it remotely with the help of Smart App on your phone.

Capacity:CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Smoke of 468m3/h(KLAR18S) and 642m3/h(KLAR23S)

Filter: HEPA H13 High Grade Filter

Ideal For:A room size of upto 700 Sq. Ft(KLAR18S) and 950 Sq. Ft(KLAR23S)



HEPA H13 high grade filter, that promises to kill upto 99.9% germs.

  • 5 step Air filtration process:
    1. Step1: Removal of large dust (Pre-filter)
    2. Step2: Removal of Allergy induction particles (HEPA Filter)
    3. Step 3: Mold Removal (HEPA Filter)
    4. Step 4: Capturing & Trapping Supper Micro Dust by 99.9%(HEPA Filter)
    5. Step 5: Removal of 5 harmful gases (Deodorization filter)


  • Super power hybrid structure fan, to ensure powerful inhalation of pollutants at 360 degree, to let you experience clean air all around.
  • Deodorization filter, to eliminate the odor.
  • World’s first 18-stage Air Purifying function, that lets control air flow to upto 18 Fan Speed.
  • Smart AI Cleaning & Monitoring:
    1. Smart Adjustable Cleaning power that keeps the best indoor air quality and saves energy cost.
    2. Automatic air flow control through state-of-art sensor that checks for any indoor Gas pollutant and odor to maintain desired ventilation.
    3. It comes with PM 2.5 display along with a color indicator basis PM2.5 value & the concentration of harmful gases.
  • Absolute Silence for Peaceful Sleep: With its patented new fan technology, captures allergen and micro dust quietly to prevent vortex occurrence and to minimize aerodynamic noise.
  • Energy efficient Air purifiers to keep energy costs low and your energy levels high.


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