Global Chiller 30HXC


Liquid Screw Chiller
R-134a Refrigerant
Source: France

286 to 1302 Nominal kW
81 to 370 Nominal Tons

The 30HXC units are freshwater- or seawater-cooled chillers, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of today and tomorrow:

  • Non-ozone depleting HFC-134a refrigerant
  • Screw compressors
  • Fits through narrow access doors without disassembly
  • Mechanically cleanable evaporators and condensers
  • Wide range of marine & offshore customizations

All units are equipped with Pro-Dialog Plus control to optimize the efficiency of the refrigerant circuit.

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  • Performance Features

    • Chlorine-free R-134a HFC refrigerant
    • Low energy consumption during part load and full load operation
    • Twin-rotor, gear-driven, multiple screw compressors allow precise capacity matching of building load changes and significantly reduce unit power input, especially at part-load.
    • Flooded multi-pipe heat exchangers for increased heat exchange efficiency.
    • Leaving-fluid temperature directly controlled to within 0.5°F (0.3°C)
    • Entering-fluid temperature continuously monitored to detect flow or load changes
    • Compatible with multi-protocol communication links to shipboard automation
    • Electronic expansion device permits operation at a lower condensing pressure and improved utilization of the evaporator heat exchange surface.

    Reliability Features

    • Two independent refrigerant circuits – the second one takes over automatically, when the first one malfunctions, maintaining partial cooling under all circumstances.
    • Low voltage control circuits
    • Short cycle protection
    • Dual chiller control
    • Temperature reset from return fluid
    • Electronic paddle-free flow switch, pre-installed on evaporator
    • Electronic refrigerant gauges
    • Heat exchangers available with class approval (DNV-GL, BV, LR)

    Maintenance Features

    • Hermetic twin screw compressors
    • Mechanically cleanable condenser and evaporator
    • Alarm contacts
    • Filter drier
    • Moisture indicating sight glass
    • Pro-Dialog Plus monitors all chiller safety parameters
    • Remote management capabilities

    Installation Features

    • Unit width of 980 – 1015 mm (38.6 – 40.0 in.) across the range
    • Main disconnect switch with high trip capacity
    • Transformer supply to the integrated control circuit

    Standard Warranty

    • Commercial marine warranty 18 months after shipment or 12 months after commissioning
    • Extended warranties available


    • IP44C electrical protection level
    • Tropicalization
    • Soft starter
    • Unit supplied in two assembled parts
    • 460-3-60 power supply
    • 380-3-60 power supply
    • Evaporator pump electrical power/control circuit
    • Dual evaporator pump electrical power/control circuit
    • Condenser pump electrical power/control circuit
    • Compressor suction valve
    • Evaporator with one pass less
    • Condenser with one pass less
    • 21 bar evaporator
    • 21 bar condenser
    • Reversed evaporator water connections
    • Reversed condenser water connections
    • JBus/ModBus gateway
    • BacNet gateway
    • LON gateway
    • Control for low condensing temperature systems
    • RS 485 communication interface with open protocol
    • Leak detection
    • Flanged evaporator water connection kit
    • Flanged condenser water connection kit




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