Dual Air Cooler

Capacity Ranges from 8 – 67 kW

“The ceiling mounted Dual Discharge Coolers ”

“The DUO air coolers have been designed to cover a wide range of positive applications (0°C to +12°C) :

  • Positive temperature refrigerated warehouses, requiring important air throw.
  • Preparation and processing rooms.
  • Laboratories requiring low air movement and comfortable sound level (6P – 8P version).
  • Cold rooms, platforms, temperature controlled air locks… (4P – 6P version).”
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    Assembling of white prepainted galvanized steel panels, giving a good corrosion protection, the casing is especially designed for easy access for maintenance and cleaning :

    • Intermediate drip tray limiting condensation under the main drain pan.
    • Swivel doors and drain pans providing an easy access to the different components of the heat exchanger (coil, connections, defrost heaters, expansion valves, …).
    • Single water drainage Ø 2″”.
    • Fan motors mounted on hinges.



    • Finned coils with copper tubes and aluminium fins especially designed for evaporation process, providing an increased heat transfer coefficient.”
    • Standard fin spacing : 6.3mm.
    • Factory mounted diaphragm liquid distributors with a DP of 2 to 2.5 bars.
    • As a standard the coolers are optimised for R404A/R507.
    • Please consult us for other refrigerants.
    • Schrader valve fitted on the suction header enabling to measure the evaporating pressure and to check the running.
    • parameters of the cooler (direct expansion). Delivered under dry air pressure (direct expansion).”.



    • Axial fans with two speed motor, “star / delta” type :
      DUO60 – Ø 650mm
      6PH / 6PL
      8PH / 8PL
      Motors : factory wired.
    • Temperature range : -30°C and +45°C.
    • Voltage :
      – 3 phase supply 400V(+7%/-10%)/~3/50Hz for PH and PL models.
      – 3 phase supply 230V(+7%/-10%)/~3/50Hz for PL models.
    • Protection IP55 (CEI 34-5). Drain-hole and shaft seal with nylon gaskets.
    • Class F (CEI 85 and CEI 34-1).
    • Maximum frequency of starting : 20 starts per hour
    • (consult installation and operation manual).”


    The fans enable a significant sound reduction, while keeping high airflow performances. This is the result of :
    • a balanced distribution of the air load on the fan blades.
    • an optimisation of the angles of incidence avoiding fan turbulence at the suction.
    • an optimised fan profile allowing a low drag coefficient.
    • a dynamic balancing of the fan in two plans”





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