Desert Master™ 50ZPM

Single-Packaged Rooftop
Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant

3.0 to 5.0 nominal tons

The 50ZPM units are single side discharge rooftop cooling unit utilizing electric heat as an option. Units are prewired, pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant, and tested at the factory. These units can be placed on the side of a building or can be placed on a roof without roof curbs. Each unit is designed to occupy a minimal space. Piping and drain connections are readily accessible.

The 50ZPM unit is a packaged air conditioner manufactured for housing, residential, and light commercial applications. The 50ZPM unit design is the result of our firm commitment to the development of the finest air conditioners that modern technology can offer.



Key Features

  • Environment friendly refrigerant, R410A , Chlorine free HFC, ZERO ODP
  • EER’s up to 11.60
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • Factory-Assembled Package is a compact, fully self- contained, electric cooling unit with horizontal supply and return ducts. The 50ZPM units are available in three standard cooling sizes to meet residential and light commercial requirements. Unit installs easily on a ground level pad.
  • Easy to Install 50ZPM units are small, compact, and easy to handle. Every 50ZPM unit has an identical 32×51-in. (813×1295 mm) footprint. The concise design uses less sheet metal and makes the 50ZPM units lighter than other units. The unit can be easily positioned on the job site with the hand holds built into the unit base-pan.
  • Aerodynamic Fan Blade Design reduces the overall sound power level to as low as 76.3dBA.
  • Service Access makes installation and maintenance quicker and easier. The 50ZPM units are designed to be serviced from both the side and front. The design allows easy access for installation and maintenance procedures on the unit. Routine maintenance task time such as coil cleaning is minimized with the multiple access side panels.
  • Durable Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Cabinet protects against harsh weather with watertight construction and corrosion resistant finish. The paint treatment process ensures quality protection against the elements. A compact, low- profile design utilizes a louvered coil enclosure for protection against vandalism and hail damage.
  • Indoor Air Quality is designed into the 50ZPM units. A sloped drain pan minimizes the amount of standing water inside the unit, which limits mold and mildew growth. The drain pan is made of a rust- proof material and will not deteriorate or release foreign matter into the airstream.
  • Refrigerant System is designed to provide dependability. Liquid refrigerant filter driers are used to promote clean, unrestricted operation. Each unit leaves the factory with a full refrigerant charge. Refrigerant service connections make checking operating pressures easier.
  • Durable, Dependable, Compressors are designed for high efficiency. Each compressor is hermetically sealed against contamination to help promote longer life and dependable operation. Vibration isolation provides quiet operation. Compressors have internal overcurrent protection.
  • Direct-Drive Multispeed, Blower Motor is standard on all models. It’s high efficiency design ensures high performance with most duct systems.
  • Accessory Electric Heaters are available in a variety of sizes for the 50ZPM. These heaters are comprised of a separate heater module mounted on the blower inlet and remote mounted controls located in the unit control box. Single point electrical connections are available for powering both the heater and the unit.


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