Compressor Pack Systems

Medium temperature application: 26 to 630 kW
Low temperature application: 9 to 212 kW

2 to 6 semi-hermetic Copeland STREAM 4 and 6 cylinders (4M and 6M)

  • Designed to be installed directly in technical room.
  • Application:
    • CC B : Low temperature R404A and R407F. Evaporating temperature -40°C to -25°C.
    • CC R : Medium temperature R404A, R134a and R407F. Evaporating temperature -15°C to -5°C.
    • CC H : High temperature R404A and R407F. Evaporating temperature -5°C to +5°C.
    • CC H : High temperature R134a. Evaporating temperature -10°C to +10°C.
  • Compressor pack system are designed for maximum operating pressures:
    • PS(LP)=17 bar and PS(HP)=28 bar for R404A/R407F
    • PS(LP)=15 bar and PS(HP)=19 bar for R134a.
  • Pack with total EC marked. Conform to PED 97/23/CE.
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  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Painted by electrostatical application of a polyester powder coating (RAL7035).
  • Components not painted.
  • Mounted on rubber vibrations absorbers


  • Valves on suction and discharge, oil sightglass, crankcase heater.
  • Copeland semi-hermetic compressors, suction gas cooled.
  • STREAM typefor compressors 4 and 6 cylinders (4M and 6M).


3 phase motor-400 V – direct start. CoreSense Diagnostics module for compressors STREAM (combining motor and oil protections. In addition it provides advanced protection such as high discharge temperature, locked rotor, single/ missing phase, voltage imbalance and low voltage protection. The module is capable of communication via Modbus® protocol.

Discharge Line

  • Copper header.
  • Oil separator with removable float and oil pre-charge.
  • Isolating valve on discharge

Oil Circuit

  • Oil level regulators with float and hand valve on each compressor.
  • 7 liters (2,3 and 4 compressors), 14 liters (5 and 6 compressors) oil receiver with level sight glasses, shut-off valves, differential valve degassing in the section header set to 1.4 bar, sightglass and filter on oil inlet.
  • Connections by flexible hoses (separator, receiver, regulators).

Suction Line

According to model:

  • 1 or more cartridge filters with schrader valve.
  • 1 or more return lines with valves.
  • Copper header until 3’’1/8 and 304L stainless steel beyond.


  • HP pressure switch non-adjustable by compressor.
  • LP adjustable pressure switch by compressor.
  • Connections by flexible hoses.
  • CoreSense (Oil pressure switch integrated).

HP receiver and Liquid Piping

  • Remote vertical type receiver, fitted with shut off valve on inlet and outlet, safety pressure relief valve: single or double according to the volume.
  • Liquid station fitted with filter drier with:
    • Replaceable cartridge
    • Filling valve 3/8’’ flare
    • Stop valves before / after the cartridge
    • Hygroscopic sightglass, shut-off valve on outlet


  • Cooling capacity control on Stream models.
  • Digital compressor: consult us.
  • Tray below compressor pack system.
  • Tray below suction header or insulation Armaflex 13mm (MT)/19mm (LT) Suction line.
  • BACL : suction accumulator with drain pan.
  • Different number and diameter of shut-off valves on suction line.
  • Discharge check valve by compressor.
  • Discharge muffler (no adjustable) by compressor.
  • Main discharge check valve.
  • DESUR : desuperheater (plate heat exchanger) with valves, by-pass valve, safety pressure relief valve and drain valve (hydraulic componetns and thermal insulation not supplied).
  • Oil separator by-pass.
  • Electronic oil level regulators on compressors.
  • Oil receiver oversized once (14 liters instead of 7 liters or 20 liters instead of 14 liters).
  • Oil EVR NO.
  • Oil level alarm receiver (opto-electronic or vibration limit switch).
  • Horizontal HP receiver.
  • HP receiver oversized once or twice.
  • Inlet non-return valve.
  • Low level alarm on HP receiver (opto-electronic or vibration limit switch).
  • Two safety pressure relief valves and 3 ways valves.
  • By-pass on filter drier or two filter driers with replaceable cartridges (2×50%).
  • Liquid sight glass dual face.
  • Liquid subcooler : contact us.
  • Different number and diameter of shut-off valves on liquid piping : contact us.
  • R407F LT : Demand cooling.

Control Options

  • HP/LP pressure sensors 4/20mA, or 0,5/4,5V (RATIO) or 1/5V.
  • HP/BP pressure gauges (diameter 100 mm or 63 mm).
  • HP pressure switch adjustable for safety by compressor.
  • LP pressure switches for control (1 pressure switch max by compressor).
  • HP pressure switches for control (1 pressure switch max by compressor).
  • HP/BP pressure switch to backup mode.
  • HP/LP pressure switch to main safety.

Electrical Optons

  • Controls and safeties wired on a main terminal.
  • Connected electrical box on separate frame : contact us.
  • Inverter frequency : contact us.






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