Filter: High Efficiency (HEPA) Filter

Size: CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Smoke of 360m3/h

Suitable for: A room size of upto 550 Sq. Ft

Description: Air One is an Air Purifier that helps you breathe fresh & feel your best every day. It comes with UltraSafe Technology which can effectively kill and inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria and a PM2.5 display which not only changes color basis the purity of indoor air, but also shows the real time PM2.5 as well



  • 3 Step Filtration process
    1. Pre-Filter: Pre-Filter is made of white nylon to wash out large dust particles like: Strands of hair, dust, animal skin etc.
    2. HEPA H11 Filter: This filter absorbs minute particles like PM 2.5, pollen, allergens etc., from the air
    3. Activated Carbon Filter: A filter which is 5-10 times more powerful than a regular carbon filter. This purifies smell of Smoke, Paints & VOCs or pets.
  • Air One Air Purifiers come with UltraSafe Technology.
    • UV Light: A cold cathode UV Lamp which can effectively kill and inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria. It can be turned ON / OFF using the “UV” button on panel.
    • In built Protection: The product comes with a magnetic switch, which automatically turns off the Air Purifier as soon as the filter cover is opened.
      • Unlike regular Air Purifiers, the Active Carbon Filter is a 2 in 1 filter: Active Carbon filter + Photo Catalyst
        • Active Carbon: Removal of VOCs and unpleasant odour
        • Photocatalyst filter: Ultraviolet light irradiates titanium dioxide nanoparticles, to produce hydroxyl ions (-OH), which are highly oxidizing and can damage cell walls, rendering bacteria and virus instantly inactive

        The UV + Photocatalyst filter has been tested for: H1N1 Virus Elimination Rate :≥ 99.99%

        Test facility:Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology, China

      • Speed: 4 speeds to adjust freely
      • Child Lock: Touch for 3 seconds to start or end lock mode
      • Auto / Sleep mode: For the Airpurifier to perform at the utmost silence
      • Timing – Set timer for upto 8 hrs
      • Filter Rest – Filter Replacement Reminder


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Air One Air Purifier with UV