AquaSnap® 30RBS 039-160

Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers

The 30RBS AquaSnap range of liquid chillers was designed for commercial (air conditioning of offices, hotels etc.) or industrial (low-temperature process units etc.) applications.

Nominal cooling capacity 30RBS: 40-156 kW

The 30RBS AquaSnap can be equipped with a hydronic module integrated into the unit chassis, limiting the installation to straightforward operations like connection of the power supply and the chilled water supply and return piping.



    • Performance Features

      • Ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant, Chlorine-free, ODP=0
      • Eurovent energy efficiency class (in accordance with EN14511-3:2013) C and D in cooling mode and B and C in heating mode.
      • Increased energy efficiency at part load
      • All-aluminium microchannel heat exchangers for the cooling only units offers increased corrosion resistance with 50% reduction in the refrigerant charge compared to traditional coils
      • Low-noise scroll compressors with low vibration level
      • Low-noise latest-generation Flying Bird IV fans, made of a composite material (Carrier patent) are quieter and do not generate intrusive low-frequency noise
      • Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
      • Electronic expansion valve
      • Variable-speed pump (option)
      • The unit has a small footprint and a low height (1330 mm) allowing it to blend in with any architectural styles.
      • This option 49 permits the production of free hot water using heat reclaim by desuperheating the compressor discharge gases. The option is available for the whole 30RBS range, that are equipped with traditional Cu/Al coils only.
      • The Touch Pilot features a control with advanced communication technology over Ethernet (IP), user-friendly and intuitive user interface with 4.3” colour touch screen

      Product Features

      • High-efficiency scroll compressors
      • Exceptional endurance tests ensure superior reliability to minimize chiller down-time
      • Heavy-gage galvanized steel frame
      • Plate heat exchanger
      • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit
      • Redundant pump available with hydronic pump package (sizes 060-190)
      • EXV (Electronic expansion valve
      • Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
      • Aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHE)
      • Acoustic Compressor enclosure, reducing radiated noise emission (option)

      Maintenance Features

      • Over 15 diagnostic functions
      • Permanently lubricated fan motor bearings
      • Compressor suction service valves (option)
      • Quick-test function for step-by-step verification of the instruments, electrical components and motors
      • Service contract available
      • Maintenance-free scroll compressors
      • Qualified Carrier service people for refrigerant servicing

      Installation Features

      • Factory charged with R-410A
      • “The unit has a small footprint and a low height (1330 mm)
      • allowing it to blend in with any architectural styles.”
      • All-in-one package (integrated hydronic Module)
      • Structurally robust base
      • Standard unit with hydronic module including all necessary hydronic components
      • Circuit setter provided with optional pump package (factory-installed option)
      • Simplified electrical connections
      • Systematic factory operation test before shipment
      • Centrifugal low or high-pressure water pump (as required), based on the pressure loss of the hydronic installation
      • Single or dual water pump (as required) with operating time balancing and automatic changeover to the back-up pump if a fault develops
      • Water filter protects the pump against circulating debris — Pressure measurement, using two pressure transducers and allowing indication of water flow rate, water pressure and lack of water.
      • High-capacity membrane expansion tank ensures pressurization of the water circuit
      • Overpressure valve, set to 4 bar
      • Speed variator on the pumps (option) to ensure the correct flow rate, based on the system requirements
      • Thermal insulation and frost protection down to -20°C, using an electric resistance heater (see table of options)
      • Quick-test function for step-by-step verification of the instruments, electrical components and motors.

      Standard Warranty

      • One year from start-up or 18 months from shipment


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30RBS 039-160/30RQS 039-160 Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers, Reversible Air-to-Water Heat Pumps