AquaForce® 30XAS 242 – 482

Air-Cooled Screw Chillers

The 30XAS Aquaforce liquid chillers are the premium solution for industrial and commercial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require optimal performances and maximum quality.

The units are designed to operate up to 55 °C outside air temperature.

The Aquaforce liquid chillers are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of energy efficiency and operating sound levels.

Nominal cooling capacity 242-482 kW



    • Performance Features

      • Eurovent energy efficiency class “A to C”, Standardised Eurovent values in accordance with EN14511-3:2013: EER up to 3,2 and ESEER up to 4,0.
      • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant / AHRI certified
      • Environment friendly refrigerant R-134a
      • Single circuit Twin-rotor screw compressor with a variable capacity valve.
      • Operation from -20 F to 125°F ambient conditions
      • Integrated hydronic module option with pump (single or dual, without and with VFD) & expansion tank (plug & play) and increased system reliability
      • Heat reclaim (option 50) available
      • Standard uncoated or optional e-coated Novation® microchannel heat exchanger (MCHX) condenser coils
      • Touch Pilot™ display with color touch screen with trending capability and web-based connection
      • Low-noise 4th generation Flying Bird fans, made of a composite material (Carrier patent) are now even quieter and do not generate intrusive low-frequency noise

      Product Features

      • All high efficiency Aluminium alloy MCHE condensers with increased corrosion resistance is approximately 10% more efficient than a traditional coil and allows a 30% reduction in the amount of refrigerant used in the chiller. The low thickness of the MCHE reduces air pressure losses by 50% and makes it susceptible to very little fouling (e.g. by sand).
      • New twin-rotor screw compressor equipped with a high-efficiency motor and a variable capacity valve that permits exact matching of the cooling capacity to the load.
      • Flooded shell-and-tube evaporator to increase the heat exchange efficiency.
      • An intuitive and user-friendly, coloured, 5” interface
      • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel frame
      • Low ambient head pressure control
      • Coil corrosion coatings available on all coil types
      • High short circuit current rating
      • EXV (Electronic expansion valve)

      Maintenance Features

      • Over 15 diagnostic functions
      • Permanently lubricated fan motor bearings
      • Compressor suction service valves
      • Microchannel condenser coils with inherent corrosion resistance and offering simplified cleaning
      • Unit-mounted, non-fused disconnect
      • Remote service port for easier machine diagnostics
      • Service contract available

      Installation Features

      • Factory charged with R-134a refrigerant
      • Structurally robust base

      Standard Warranty

      • 3 year coil parts only on Novation microchannel heat exchanger
      • One year from start-up or 18 months from shipment limited warranty


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30XAS Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers Sizes 242-482