Airstream™ 42WKN

Hydronic Cassette Ceiling Fan Coil Units

3/4 to 3 Nominal Tons Cooling

Hydronic cassette units are ideal for retrofit applications and modernizations with suspended ceilings. Ceiling cassette units make each served area an independent controlled temperature zone to suit diverse requirements.

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Performance Features

  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation
  • 6 chilled water cooling models to properly match job requirements
  • Independent Louvers (2-3-4 Flow Directions Distributions)

Reliability Features

  • All equipment wiring complies with NEC requirements
  • Base units are UL certified for USA and Canada standards
  • Unit casing meets NFPA 90A requirements for flame and smoke generation

Maintenance Features

  • Integrated Condensate Pump
  • Built-in Overflow Safety Devices
  • Reusable wire framed filters may be vacuum cleaned
  • Alarm interlock relay for unit failure notification

Installation Features

  • Branch Ducting Capability
  • Fresh/Outside Air Intake

Standard Warranty

  • 1 year parts


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Airstream™ 42WKN08-36 Hydronic Ceiling Cassettes


Airstream™ 42WKN08-36 Hydronic Ceiling Cassettes 3/4 to 3 Nominal Tons (2.6 to 10.6 kW) - 50/60 Hz