Chilled-Water Low-Height Fan Coil

300 to 2000 Nominal Cfm

The 42TW/MW standard cooling low height chilled water fan coil units are available in airflow range from 300 Cfm to 2000 Cfm. All series are available with a 3 or 4 row coil.

Each unit is designed to occupy a minimum space. Piping and drain connections are readily accessible and mounting holes and slots are pre-drilled to save installation time and field labor expense.

42TW Series are available in 8 sizes designed for medium external static pressure up to 0.25 inches water (63 Pa) in low false ceiling applications with nominal cooling capacity from 12 to 60 KBtu/Hr.

42MW Series are available in 2 sizes designed for high external static pressure up to 0.5 inches water (125 Pa) in low false ceiling applications with nominal cooling capacity from 48 to 60 KBtu/Hr.

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Performance Features

  • Airflow ranges from 300 to 2000 Cfm
    • TW – Standard Cooling Low Static.
    • MW – Standard Cooling High Static.
  • Low unit height suitable for low false ceiling application
    • 42TW3 (275mm upto size 11 and 375mm for size 12 and 16)
    • 42TW4 (275mm upto size 10 and 375mm for size 11 and 14)
    • 42MW (375mm all sizes)
  • 3-speed high efficiency motor with B class insulation
  • Standard galvanized sheet metal casing
  • 10 mm thickness internal insulation with 32 kg/m^3 density
  • Low noise level suitable for all application
  • Plastic blower and blower housing
  • Sweat connections for easy installation and maintenance
  • Electrical intigrated wired control board and thermostat with remote control as a standard feature
  • Single point electrical connection
  • Units are rated in accordance with ARI standard
  • Units have external drain pan with 10 mm insulation, the drain pan is be painted steel withstanding ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) B117 500 hour Salt Spray Test.
  • Piping connection are field exchangeable; Standard right hand side


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