Fan Coil Unit
Horizontal Chilled Water application
Furred-in type-Ceiling Mounted

200 – 2000 nominal cfm

42MKT – Carrier® chilled water fan coil are designed and manufactured on the base of advanced technology, and utilize qualified galvanized sheet metal as material. Due to its supper-thin design, it has such advantages: beautiful outlook, space saving, easy installation, etc. And the most obvious advantage is that it can decrease the outlet air Temp difference as low as possible to make room more comfortable, as well as don’t decrease cooling capacity output. For the large air flow volume design, it can increase room ventilation frequency, supply more flesh air, and balance room temperature distribution. Benefiting from adoption of advanced material and technology, it can effectively decrease the running noise and keep running smoothly. With the advantages above, it can be widely applied in market, hospital, office building, hotel airport, etc.


  • Nominal Airflow ranging from 200 to 1400CFM with 3row/30pa ESP & upto 2000cfm with 4row/30pa ESP as standard offering.
  • Nominal Airflow ranging from 1500 to 2000CFM with 4row/50pa ESP.
  • Eurovent certified performance.
  • MKT3 & MKT4 series standard cooling slim comfort line, low height ceiling concealed, medium static pressure ducted units
  • Unit cabinet is with 12.5 mm open cell insulation
  • Super Compact Slim Technology with unit height of 241mm. Maximum unit height is 342mm for only two model of 1500 & 2000cfm.
  • Anti-rust, weather proof and long life indoor unit sheet metal parts made of chemically treated and zinc coated ( galvanized ) sheet metal.
  • Pre-coated Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins of coil to protect the coil against corrosion
  • Carrier blower fan technology with forward curved centrifugal Plastic blowers of double outlet type directly driven by 3-speeds totally enclosed and high efficiency fan motor for smooth, uniform air flow distribution and super quiet operation.
  • Standard auxiliary plastic drain pan to receive the condensate water dripping from the water piping and valve connections.
  • B-class insulation for fan motor windings with Internal thermal protector and pressure interrupter to protect the fan motor against excessive temperature & short circuiting.
  • Comply with CE safety standards
  • Efficient Washable aluminum filters
  • Variety of Optional Accessories Smart Wired Controller, Smart LCD infrared wireless remote control,etc


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MKT3 Slim Comfort Line – Standard Cooling Ceiling Concealed Ducted Hydronic Fan Coil Units Medium Static Pressure 30 / 50 Pascal