Fan Coil Unit
Hydronic Cassette Fan Coil Units

320 – 800 nominal cfm

The 42GWC offers a modern solution for a wide variety of small and medium- sized commercial and residential applications. It is ideally suited for large offices, shops, restaurants and bars, hotel receptions, meeting rooms, banks, laboratories, showrooms, etc.

The new product series incoporates innovative technologies, resulting in a product that is easy to select with fast, simple and economical system installation



      • Nominal Airflow range:320 to 800 CFM
      • It is a compact unit only 298mm in height. The four suspension brackets of the unit adopt the T shape opening, it can be installed up and fixed easily.
      • Four-way air distribution gives individual comfort while for localized control each diffuser may be adjusted or even shut down completely.
      • The unique design of centrifugal fan ensures the quiet running of the unit. This thoroughly eliminates the bothering throttle noise inside the room.
      • High-performance condensate drain pump encased in a special sound-insulating material removes condensate quietly and fast.
      • Return air enters the cassette unit through a large grille, cleaned by an easily removable, washable filter, and then keep the room air fresh through constant circulation.
      • The Special design of the diffuser ensures rapid blending of the supply and room air.
      • Optional DC motor and optional large LCD screen thermostat and brushless DC motor are available as options.
      • Optimized designed 7 mm coil.
      • The 42GWC fan coil comes with a power factor correction (PFC) module for surge protection and improved Efficiency Overload and over-current protection prevents motor burnout
      • Brushless DC motor (option)


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42GWC Hydronic Cassette Fan Coil Units Air Flow: 540~1360m³/h