“Fan Coil Unit
Horizontal Chilled Water application
Furred-in and Cabinet type-Ceiling Mounted”

300 – 2000 nominal cfm

“Carrier’s 42 series fan coil units, you can select furred-in or cabinet style, in capacities from 300 to 2,000cfm. Units are ideal for installations in residential, hotels, motels, apartments, offices, hospitals, schools and other multi-room buildings.

Carrier room fan coil terminals provide unsurpassed year round comfort, with high cooling performance. Carrier 42 series terminal requires very little space and is easy to install. Piping, drain and wiring connections are readily accessible to save installation time and field labor expense.

Carrier 42C/D fan coil units are available in different types as below:

42CET/DC: Single Skin Ducted Fan coil units (Standard Cooling application)
42CED/DCD : Single Skin Ducted Fan coil units (District cooling application)
42CGT/DF: Decorative Fan Coil units (Standard Cooling application)
42CGD/DFD: Decorative Fan Coil units (District cooling application)
42DE :Double skin ducted Fan Coil units (Standard Cooling application)
42DED : Double skin ducted Fan Coil units (District cooling application



      • Nominal Airflow ranging from 300 to 2000CFM
      • 42CET/DC (standard) & 42CED/DCD (district cooling) are Eurovent certified
      • Factory assembled, horizontal, blow-thru type fan coil with plenum, 3 or 4 rows coil, for furred-in, exposed ceiling decorative or ducted installations
      • Unit cabinet PU insulation (10mm & 12.7mm thick) complies with UL94 and drain pan PE insulation (6mm thick)
      • Factory tested coil for leakage at 400 psig air pressure with coil submerged in water.
      • Accommodates 2 pipe systems
      • 42CET/CED ducted models have maximum height of 242mm
      • Specially designed High delta T units for District cooling application with copper tube aluminium fins
      • Low Noise Level units
      • Direct driven, double width fan wheels with forward curved blades shall be statically and dynamically balanced.
      • Standard units are 3 speed PSC motors with UL listed thermal overload protection
      • Permanent washable aluminum filters as standard offering
      • Easy wiring, piping connections
      • Mounting holes, slots speed hanging
      • Factory is ISO-9001 certified”
      • Higher efficiency & reliability Electronically Commuted Motor (42CET/CED, DC/DCD) – optional


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42C/D Series Ducted Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit With District Cooling Application (300 to 2000 CFM)