Fan Coil Unit
Horizontal or vertical Chilled Water application
Furred-in & cabinet type-Ceiling & floor Mounted

150 – 2000 nominal cfm

Carrier’s 42C,D,S,V Series fan coil units offer:

  • Design flexibility, occupying minimum space
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Permanent split capacitor or electronically commutated motors deliver peak operating efficiency
  • High performance, low cost
  • Greater zone comfort control

Carrier’s extensive range of superior fan-coil units combine design flexibility with easy, low-cost installation.

Versatility With Carrier’s 42 Series fan coils, you can select from 4 horizontal, 6 vertical, 5 ducted or 5 stacked models; furred in or cabinet style, slant top or low silhouette, in 150 through 2000 cfm capacities. Coils are available with up to 5 rows (depending on model), to satisfy a variety of application requirements.

Casings and frame are fabricated from tough, heavy gage galvanized steel. Custom decorative colors allow the unit to blend with any interior design.

The units are ideal for installation in motels, apartments, and other multiroom buildings.

Low-cost installation and operation

Each unit is designed to occupy a minimum space. No complex system controls are required for Carrier fan coil units. Piping, drain, and wiring connections are readily accessible and mounting holes and slots are predrilled to save installation time and field labor expense.

42 Series quality reduces service and maintenance expenses

All coils are factory leak tested at 300 psig air pressure with coil submerged in water. Condensate drain pans are available in stainless steel or heavy gage galvanized steel constructions.

A variety of insulation types are available for energy savings, sound absorption and indoor air quality (IAQ) preservation.

Efficient operation

Blower wheels are centrifugal-type, forward curved, double width, and double inlet sized for maximum efficiency

Quiet, dependable performance

All units are built to operate unobtrusively with quiet motors and fans. In addition, 1/2-in. thick sound-absorbing, insulation is used to line the cabinet

42C Series horizontal ducted & exposed units (200-1200 cfm)
42V Series vertical units (200-1200 cfm)
42D Series horizontal/vertical ducted & exposed units (600-2000 cfm)
42S Vertical stacked units (300-2000 cfm)



      • Nominal air flow range from 900 to 3800 CFM
      • Chilled Water Furred-in model with Plenum Fan Coil units.
      • Horizontal Single skin ducted application.
      • Insulated & painted condensate drain pan and a factory fitted frame complete with filter media.
      • Installed with direct driven forward curved centrifugal fans.Fan wheels shall be constructed of high density reinforced polypropylene
      • Nominal air flow range from 850 to 2950 CFM
      • Chilled Water Furred-in model with Plenum Fan Coil units.
      • Horizontal Single skin ducted application.
      • plenum with 25mm aluminium foil faced PU lining.
      • Condensate drain pan of powder coated galvanized steel and insulated with 6.4mm PE
      • Fan motor shall be 3 – Speed AC motor or optional multi speed EC motor for low energy consumption
      • Standard copper tube aluminium fins (Cu/Al) evaporator coil for maximum heat transfer.-4row coil and optional 6row available
      • Optional 1-row hot water heating coil with 1/2” copper connection is fitted inside the unit attached to the Chilled Water coil.
      • Return air filter media 12mm EU2 or 25mm EU3 add-on frame
      • Unit shall be tested in accordance with ARI Standard 440.
      • Coils shall be rated in accordance with ARI standard 410
      • The coils shall be tested at 2760kPa air pressure while submerged in water.
      • Factory is ISO-9001 certified


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42C,D,S,V Series Fan Coil Air Conditioners 50/60 Hz 150 to 2000 cfm