Air Handling Unit
Indoor Application

2250 – 15000 Nominal CFM

The 40RMS series comes standard with double skin units for better indoor air quality (IAQ) and has a multi-position design that allows for vertical or horizontal installation. Powerful fan systems allow for easy adaptation to existing duct work.

“The 40RMS Series is your best choice for Chilled water packaged air handlers. All models offer excellent fan performance, a unique combination of indoor air quality features, easy installation, and affordable prices. Their versatility and state-of-the-art features will provide economical performance now and in the future.

Quick installation is ensured by the multiposition design. Units can be installed in either the horizontal or vertical (up flow) configuration without modifications.


  • Multiposition design can be installed horizontally or vertically without modification
  • Standard double skin units for a better indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Polyester powder painted zinc coated steel panels provide additional protection against rusting & discoloration in areas with high UV factor
  • High-static design meets a wider range of applications than competitive packaged air handler lines
  • Economizer accessory provides ventilation air and “free” cooling
  • Cooling coils with mechanically- bonded fins provide peak heat transfer
  • Standard sloped drain pans
  • 1″ WASHABLE filters having frontal access to remove them
  • Easy installation and maintenance; removal of one side panel allows access to serviceable components; external piping connections
  • An alternate motor and/or medium-or high-static drive available to meet the airflow requirements.


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