40LM 40-100

Fan Coil Unit
Horizontal Chilled Water application
Furred-in type-Ceiling Mounted

900 – 3800 nominal cfm

Carrier’s 40LM series fan coil units are Factory assembled, horizontal draw through type fan coil for furred-in ducted installations. Units shall be completed with water coil(s), fan(s), motor(s), drain pan, filters and all required wiring, collars for ducted units

The low silhouette styling of this unit makes it a popular choice for “in-the-ceiling” or “over the closet” applications in all types of building installation like residential, hotels, motels, apartments, offices, hospitals, schools and other multi-room buildings



      • Nominal air flow range from 900 to 3800 CFM
      • Chilled Water Furred-in model with Plenum Fan Coil units.
      • Horizontal Single skin ducted application.
      • Insulated & painted condensate drain pan and a factory fitted frame complete with filter media.
      • Installed with direct driven forward curved centrifugal fans.Fan wheels shall be constructed of high density reinforced polypropylene
      • The plenum shall be lined with 12.7mm PU insulation and 6.0mm PE insulation on the drain pan
      • 3 speed motor ensures quiet operation.
      • Standard copper tube aluminium fins (Cu/Al) evaporator coil for maximum heat transfer.
      • Carrier Lanced Sine Wave fin pattern ensures energy efficient performance.
      • 2row coil (40LM040),3row coil (40LM50,70,100) & 4row coil (40LM060,090)
      • Permanent washable synthetic media filters
      • Unit shall be tested in accordance with ARI Standard 440.
      • Coils shall be rated in accordance with ARI standard 410
      • Factory tested coil for leakage at 400 psig air pressure with coil submerged in water.
      • Factory is ISO-9001 certified


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40LM 040~100 Chilled Water Fan Coil Units