Ducted Split-System
Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant

1.5 TO 5.0 nominal tons

38CKM 50 Hertz energy efficient air conditioner incorporates innovative technology to provide reliable summer cooling performance. Built into these units are the features most desired by customers today, including EER ratings of up to 13 at the T1 condition when used with components designated by the manufacturer.

The 50 Hz FB4C fan coil has the proven technology of Carrier fan coil units with Puron refrigerant as well as vertical and horizontal applications. Downflow installations require an accessory package.

The design features contoured condensate pans with rugged drain connections, ensuring that little water is left in the unit at the end of the cooling duty cycle. The lack of standing condensate and corrosion free pans improves IAQ and product life, features homeowners appreciate.




  • High and low pressure switches.
  • Field-installed filter drier included.
  • Dense wire grille coil guard.
  • 3-phase monitor.
  • Different Indoor match.
  • 3.5-5 ton has 2-row coil.


  • ECM indoor blower motor.
  • Adjustable bleed TXV.
  • 5 blower speed taps.
  • Multi-position design.


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