Steam / Hot Water Single Effect,
Hermetic Absorption Liquid Chiller

Carrier’s 16JL/JLR steam/hot single effect, hermetic absorption liquid chiller is an efficient and functional alternative to traditional electric driven chillers. By utilizing low pressure steam or low-temperature hot water, 16JL/JLR chillers avoid high-cost electricity and qualify for utility rebates and incentives as a gas cooling product.

16JL: Cooling Capacity: 150 to 1000 Nominal Tons (528 to 3516kW)
16JLR: Cooling Capacity: 110 to 750 Nominal Tons (387 to 2637kW)

The 16JL/JLR absorption chiller offers functional flexibility in a variety of installations:
No CFCs; environmentally friendly
Single stage design for simple, dependable operation
Quiet, vibration-free operation
High reliability with few moving parts



    • Features

      • Nominal full-load steam rate of 16.65 lb/hr-ton for 16JL
      • Nominal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.73 for 16JLR
      • The 16JL/JLR’s standard concentration control system allows stable, part-load operation at cooling water temperatures as low as 59 F (15 C) without the need for a cooling tower bypass
      • The 16JL/JLR chiller has a continuous operating range from 100% to 10% of rated machine capacity.
      • The overall sound level of a Carrier 16JL/JLR is typically 80dbA when measured per Standard ARI Standard 575 (latest edition).
      • Chiller performance shall be rated in accordance with ARI Standard 560 (latest edition).
      • Chiller shall be manufactured and designed in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 15 (latest edition), Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration.
      • Chiller shall be designed and constructed to meet applicable (GB) requirements.
      • Environmentally Sound: Chilled water is produced using water as the refrigerant in place of ozone depleting chlorine-based compounds
      • Alternative Energy Use: Uses hot water as primary energy source. Electricity only required for pumps, controls
      • Application Flexibility: Hybrid chiller plants allows flexibility and optimization of energy costs
      • Cogeneration applications take advantage of waste heat often available in many facilities thus improving overall plant efficiency
      • Single-effect absorption cycle provides efficient, economical water chilling and/or process cooling with minimal use of electricity.
      • “16JL/JLR single-effect absorption chiller offers versatility for almost any job where low pressure team/low temperature hot water is available as the heat source.”
      • Each Carrier 16JL/JLR absorption chiller includes a factory mounted and wired microprocessor control center that is functionally tested prior to shipment.
      • PD5 provides VFD for solution pump control. The PD5 can be interface with the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) with additional hardware. The user interface is a touch screen.
      • Single-point box electrical connection
      • Each chiller shall undergo a series of standard factory tests to ensure that the unit is leak tight, that all electrical components operate as intended.
      • “The 16JL/JLR offers an alternative to chillers driven by increasingly expensive electrical energy by use of steam / hot water powered absorption chiller.
      • Automatic, motorless purge system extends machine life and ensures optimum efficiency and performance
      • Anti-crystallization controls maintain proper solution concentration
      • Low sound and vibration levels are characteristic of absorption chillers, primarily due to the fact that the only rotating parts are the refrigerant and solution pumps.
      • High Reliability / Low Maintenance Cost: Few moving parts equates to inherent high reliability as well as lower maintenance costs
      • Every 16JL/JLR machine has numerous standard design features that are provided for convenient and simple maintenance, reliable and trouble free operation.
      • Leak-proof hermetic pumps/motors cut maintenance costs
      • Superior corrosion protection -The Carrier 16JL/JLR absorption chiller incorporates a highly effective corrosion inhibitor to provide an extra margin of protection against internal corrosion.
      • Automatic, motorless purge system extends machine life and ensures optimum efficiency and performance
      • Guarantee of quality by Carrier advanced equipment and workmanship


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16JL (Steam Type), 16JLR (Hot Water Type) Single Effect Absorption Chiller