Absorption Liquid Chiller Direct-Fired, Double-Effect

Carrier’s 16DE/DEH double effect, hermetic absorption liquid chiller provides an alternative means of efficient, cost effective water chilling. By utilizing high-pressure steam, chillers avoid high-cost electricity “Absorption Liquid Chiller Direct-Fired, Double-Effect
Carrier’s 16DN direct-fired, double effect, hermetic absorption liquid chiller/heater offers a viable alternative to traditional electric driven chillers. Fired by natural gas or No.2 oil, the 16DN reduces costly electricity bills and qualifies for utility rebates and incentives as a gas cooling product. The 16DN can operate in the heating mode to provide hot water, thereby reducing the size of the required boiler or even eliminating the need for a boiler.

Cooling capacity: 528~5,802 kW
Heating capacity: 374~5,570 kW

Cooling capacity: 528~2,321 kW
Heating capacity: 442~2,813 kW

16DNH: – High COP
Cooling capacity: 528~5,802 kW
Heating capacity: 374~5,570 kW



    • Features

      • Chiller performance shall be rated in accordance with ARI Standard 560 (latest edition).
      • Chiller shall be manufactured and designed in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 15 (latest edition), Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration.
      • Chiller shall be designed and constructed to meet applicable (GB) requirements.
      • No CFCs; environmentally friendly
      • Two-stage high efficiency design reduces energy costs
      • Fired by clean burning natural gas, N0.2 oil.
      • Operates as a chiller or heater
      • Quiet, vibration-free operation
      • Few moving parts equates to high reliability
      • Each chiller shall undergo a series of standard factory tests to ensure that the unit is leak tight, that all electrical components operate as intended.
      • When using natural gas, full load cooling operation results in a COP (coefficient of performance) of 1.04 at standard ARI (Heating valve based on HHV) operating conditions.
      • The 16DN has a continuous operating range from 100% to 20% capacity for gas-fired series and 100% to 30% for oil-fired series, based on minimum fire requirements for the burner.
      • The 16DN’s standard concentration control system allows stable, part-load operation at cooling water temperatures as low as 59 F (15 C) without the need for a cooling tower bypass
      • Every 16DN machine through 660 tons is shipped from the factory with the burner, refractory assembly, and gas train installed in the high-stage generator to simplify the chiller/heater installation.
      • The 16DN series chiller shall be provided with a factory installed and wired PD5 control system with individually replaceable modular component construction.
      • Enhanced part load design and energy efficient operation
      • Automatic multiple protection from crystallization
      • The cooling water temperature may be as low as 15°C without crystallization risk
      • Automatic regulation of solution concentration without any manual control valve
      • Carrier patented automatic injector purge system
      • The PD5 can be interface with the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). The user interface is a touch screen, ICVC control system with more advanced features
      • Direct-fired chiller/heater specific burner for better unit control
      • Applicable to all kinds of fuels, such as light oil, heavy fuel oil, city gas and natural gas
      • Integrating refrigeration and heating into one unit. As for any special requirement, please contact us.
      • Cost-effective cooling and heating Alternative-energy chiller/heater
      • Single-point box electrical connection
      • Automatic, motorless purge system extends machine life and ensures optimum efficiency and performance
      • Anti-crystallization controls maintain proper solution concentration
      • The overall sound level of a Carrier 16DN is typically 85dbA when measured per Standard ARI Standard 575 (latest edition).


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16DN Direct-Fired,Double Effect, Hermetic Absorption Liquid Chiller/Heater, Cooling Capacity: 150 to 660 Nominal Tons (528 to 2321 kW)