Chiller Plant Manager (CPM)

What is Chiller Plant Manager?

Chiller plant manager is a system to controls the Chiller and connected plant equipment’s, it provides the Status, Alarms & Trends of chiller plant to the facility operator. It stores the vital readings of Temperature and equipment status up to the configured time.

Benefits of Chiller plant Manager

The Chiller Management System will result in the reduction of operating costs and improving comfort. The graphical based system is user friendly and enables maintenance personnel to monitor and control the system effectively.


We offer complete turnkey solution for chiller plant manager including Supply, installation, testing and & commissioning.

Below equipment’s can be controlled/monitored based on the availability of plant equipment.

  • Water Cooled / Air Cooled Chiller
  • Primary Pumps
  • Secondary Pumps
  • Pressurization unit
  • Chemical Dosing unit
  • Cooling Tower
  • Makeup Water Pump & Tank
  • Below Peripherals can be supplied based on the scope agreement.
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Immersion temperature Sensor
  • Motorized Butterfly Valve
  • Bypass modulating Valve
  • Liquid DP Switch
  • Liquid DP Transmitter
  • Flow meter
  • Tank Level Switch
  • Flow switch


Carrier Controls team is honored to be your single source of technical assistance to supply and commissioning of seamless Chiller Management System which allow optimization of the overall system efficiency and utilization.

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