Remote Smart Services

Remote Smart Services What is Remote Smart Services? Carrier® SMART Service is an engineered solution that provides continuous data transmission, collection — and subsequent analysis — from several chillers. To accomplish this, a custom panel is placed on or near the chiller(s) where wireless technology transmits data to Carrier’s Web portal. This unique service can be [...]

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring Energy monitoring can be included with our controls system. The Building Management System (BMS) can record and provide monitoring / reporting of energy consumption. Metering can be provided for: Chiller water Electrical Energy Conventional Solar Gas Utility water Oil The above can be recorded with respect to time for analysis or billing.

Audit and Controls Retrofit

Audit and Controls Retrofit Existing Carrier Building Management System (BMS) installations can be upgraded with a Carrier i-Vu® System or with a hybrid system composed of Carrier and Automated Logic solutions. Existing non-Carrier BMS installations can be replaced to improve comfort and energy management. A system audit can find mechanical issues related to HVAC and [...]

Chiller Plant Manager (CPM)

Chiller Plant Manager (CPM) What is Chiller Plant Manager? Chiller plant manager is a system to controls the Chiller and connected plant equipment’s, it provides the Status, Alarms & Trends of chiller plant to the facility operator. It stores the vital readings of Temperature and equipment status up to the configured time. Benefits of Chiller [...]

Building Management

Building Management System Carrier partners with Automated Logic Corporation for Integrated Building Automation Solutions. Automated Logic provides the comprehensive Building Automation System BACnet®, which includes HVAC controls, lighting controls, utility pumps controls, water level management systems, boiler controls, ventilation controls and electrical parameter monitoring. It also interfaces with various third party systems like Fire Alarm [...]