Audit and Controls Retrofit

Existing Carrier Building Management System (BMS) installations can be upgraded with a Carrier i-Vu® System or with a hybrid system composed of Carrier and Automated Logic solutions.

Existing non-Carrier BMS installations can be replaced to improve comfort and energy management. A system audit can find mechanical issues related to HVAC and other equipment and superior solutions can be provided to overcome deficiencies.

Unique Solutions

Unit installed starters, drives and controls:

  • As a manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment we offer unit installed controls and starters.
  • All the customer must do is provide the incoming power feed to the air handling unit (AHU); Carrier will provide all electro-mechanical coordination related to the AHU prior to delivery.
  • For air handling units we can provide unit mounted starters, variable frequency drives (VFD) and direct digital controls (DDC).
  • We provide optional installation of filter differential pressure (DP) switch, fan DP switch and temperature sensors.

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